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SKU: BRD0015
  • The specialists of "Artsakh Brandy Company” have developed a technology of ageing fruit brandies in wooden barrels. Multiple in-depth experiments have shown that the most suitable material for ageing mulberry spirit is "native” – mulberry tree - barrels. Mulberry wood is highly competitive with oak one. High solidity, density and well polishing made mulberry wood the best material for making national musical instruments as well. According to specialists, barrels made from "singing” mulberry-wood have given the spirit they contain a unique aroma resulted from the solution of the substances present in the wood.


    "Artsakh Mulberry Silver” is a mulberry brandy aged in mulberry tree barrels not less then 1 year. The barrels give to the drink exquisite sunny shade. "Artsakh Mulberry Silver” has elegant taste and light aroma of mulberry gardens.

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