5 Star

Ararat Brandy – 5 Star


5 stars brandy – Aged: 5 years

Tender and refreshing plum, peach and dried fruit aroma with a touch of bitter chocolate. Refined and delicate taste: intensity of black currant with soft sweetish overtones.

According to the biblical tradition, Ararat is considered the cradle of mankind. In the 13th century the great explorer Marco Polo described Mount Ararat as an inaccessible mountain with ever-increasing snow-capped peaks. The first documented ascent to the Great Ararat is dated 27 September 1829, when Johann Jacob von Parrot, a 37-year-old German professor, reached the peak on his third attempt. A little later, in 1876, one of his followers, the English scientist and statesman James Bryce, looking at the Ararat Valley from the top of the mountain would say: “If in fact this is where man first set foot on land, you couldn’t imagine a more impressive center of the universe.”

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